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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 18, 2012 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- colorado burning. the wildfires out west have been raging for over a week now. >> crews prepare for another day of battle against the flames that have already destroyed at least 181 homes. it's monday june 18th. good monday morning. i'm sunny hostin. paula far sis on assignment. >> always good to have a familiar face back in the co-pilot seat tonight. >> you know i like to be here with you. >> that's right. with all of us night owls. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. hope you had a great father's day weekend. hope all the fathers out there were sufficiently honored this weekend. >> oh, yes. we did it up big at my house.
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>> did you? >> oh, yes. >> taken care of? >> my father came in from north carolina. men don't do anything. the fathers don't do anything on father's day at my home. they went out for massages. they came back. we had a big spread for them. champagne toasts. yeah. the kids were serving them. but yes. >> i had a good one. well, firefighters in colorado enter their second week of course battling that brutal blaze out west. we've got the latest from the front lines coming up in just a second. and also this morning, jerry sandusky's defense team is expected to start their defense of the former penn state defensive coordinator. will the man accused of more than 50 counts of child sex abuse take the stand? >> can you imagine that moment if he takes the stand? i mean, considering his past media interviews it would be fascinating to see jerry sandusky on the stand. >> if bob costas can do that to him, i can't imagine what a seasoned prosecutor can do. a mess. also this morning, the death of rodney king.
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the man at the center of the l.a. race riots more than 20 years ago passed away this weekend. we'll go back into the abc news vault for a look at how it all began. and suing siri. why one man is taking apple to court, saying their high-tech digital assistant doesn't live up to its reputation. and i've got to agree with that one. >> really? not a fan of siri? >> siri calls me monica. it doesn't work. it doesn't work. anyway. i'm bitter. but first, the ongoing battle to put out that monster wildfire blazing through 55,000 acres of parched colorado forest. >> that fire is now about 45% contained. but crews are facing another day of 50-mile-an-hour winds. more than 180 homes have been destroyed so far. that is the most in state history. abc's clayton sandel is right there in the fire zone. >> reporter: helicopters were grounded by 50-mile-an-hour winds, red flag fire weather. but 1,600 firefighters aren't waving the white flag. >> we're prepared to deal with it with everything we have, with
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whatever the conditions are that we can do that safely. >> reporter: we rode into the fire zone with livestock rancher van brewster. >> one home in there burned. >> reporter: as the flames advanced on the touchb bellevue a few days ago, brewster and his family jumped into action, making their own fire break. >> my son put his loader bucket down and drove it along here to peel the vegetation down so there wouldn't be as much fuel to feed the fire. >> reporter: and what happened when the fire got to this point? >> it stopped. >> reporter: there were new evacuations and hundreds have been out of their homes over a week. >> this is just what we've been dealt, and we get our strength from the lord. >> reporter: and as fire has swept across more than 85 square miles, firefighters are seeing the impact on wildlife. bears like these cubs that lost their mother in a new mexico wildfire last year caught in the firesto firestorm. >> bears are hungry. they're probably confused right now. they're roaming around looking for food, looking for a quiet place. >> reporter: this fire has
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turned many areas into a bit of a charred moonscape, and even though many homes have been lost there are success stories like this home on the hill that was saved. and even though firefighters say they're getting better containment on this fire they tell me they haven't turned the corner yet. clayton san p. dell, abc news, bellevue, colorado. >> let's not forget about new mexico in this as well. 242 homes and businesses there have already been destroyed in this. as you heard in that report, this weather's going to last for weeks and weeks. they're going to be battling this through until things really get better sometime in the fall. so this is a problem that's just going to continue. >> it's terrible. >> they're going to contain -- but in terms of it being completely out we're talking about several weeks. >> several weeks out. >> a few months even. so tough, tough time out there in the west. well, the nation's highest court could rule as early as today on president obama's healthcare reform plan. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg said friday the ruling could reveal deep divisions within the court. ginsburg did not hint what the ruling might be, though.
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the central issue is whether all americans can be forced to buy health insurance. we could begin hearing jerry sandusky's side of the story later today. the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case against the former penn state coach later this morning. with more now on what sandusky's lawyer may present at his defense, here's abc's david curley. >> reporter: the sandusky defense will face a couple of problems. there's the physical evidence. those creepy love letters. and then the eight alleged victims who took the stand with some gripping emotional testimony. now, on the letters the defense could deploy a personality disorder. it's called histrionic personality disorder. to try to prove that sandusky was really not trying to prey on the boys but to feed his ego, his psyche. we talked to a legal expert and a psychiatric expert about that possibility. >> i think it's a very clever move on the defense's part. they have to explain away the letter. they have to explain away some touching that obviously took place.
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>> there's simply no association between that disorder and writing intimate or sexually suggestive letters to a minor. >> reporter: now, if the defense uses that personality disorder, sandusky will have to submit to an evaluation by the prosecution as well. as for the eight victims, what will they do? there's a possibility they'll try to say that all eight of them colluded, they're in it for the money to try and sue the university. it's expected the sandusky defense will last three days. his wife may testify. and the former coach, facing 52 counts of sexual abuse, may take the stand as well. david curley, abc news, washington. >> counselor, even if he does have this disorder and gets the psychological exam, does it absolve him at all? >> of course not. and that's the thing. i mean, it's sort of that hail mary toss at this point because you've got 52 counts. if he gets convicted of everything, he's looking at over 500 years in prison. so you've got to try to hang this jury if you're the defense. you've got to have one person -- and we know this jury has all of
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those sort of incestuous ties to penn state. that work there or know people that worked there. some of them graduated from there. so you get the one juror that maybe believes that histrionic personality disorder and hangs the jury. i think that's the only shot they have. because how do you combat the fact that you've got eight young men, not one, not two, not three, but eight young men that got on the witness stand and said thiman did these things to me. >> and they told consistent stories. >> it was a pattern. you saw a pattern of abuse. and the prosecution tried their case so perfectly. the architecture of the case was terrific. i mean, you've got the strongest victim, you know, alleged victims testifying and then in the middle they kind of buried the bad stuff, the ones that have a few stuff. and then they've got mcqueary and corroborating witnesses. it's overwhelming. i've never seen a case with such overwhelming evidence. everybody has histrionic personality disorder, right? that's not going to help him. >> on behalf of the building, yes. moving on this morning, a higher opening is expected on
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wall street today after that critical vote in greece. overseas markets are already reacting positively to the news that pro-bailout forces were victorious. here's abc's nick schifrin with more from athens. >> reporter: voters in greece have kept the cradle of democracy on an even keel. at least for now. they had to choose between two starkly divergent roads. the new democracy party of antonas samaras promised to work within the european union to e. are pay rescue loans keeping the country afloat and deeply unpopular austerity measures. in radical contrast alexis sip rieus of the syriza party vowed to repudiate greece's bailout agreements and throw off the austerity constraints. >> the system is unfair. it has been uneck wittable. the lower economic and social sort of levels are paying too much. >> reporter: to some that's a doomsday scenario. greece might abandon the euro and could become the first country to quit the european union, putting the vast
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enterprise in peril. other wobbly european economies would be dragged down. and if those dominoes begin to fall, they could collapse all the way across the atlantic. >> we're experiencing some headwinds from europe. as we have in previous years. and they're obviously a big destination for our exporters and our goods. so this is affecting our economy. it's affecting the global economy. >> reporter: for now it's the greek economy that's in shambles. after five years of recession, 20% more greeks are homehomeles. rising crime has sent gun sales soaring. and 1 in 10 people in athens need soup kitchens to survive. >> people have no other choice but to come to a place like this? >> yeah. because that's their only option if they do not want to start stealing and, you know, starving in the streets. >> reporter: no party has enough votes to form a government. at least not yet. and that means prolonged uncertainty. nick schifrin, abc news, athens, greece. >> that was abc's nick schifrin reporting again from athens, greece.
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and staying overseas, democracy may have taken a back seat in egypt. muslim brotherhood says its islamist candidate won the presidential election but right after polls closed last night the interim military rulers seized even more power. so right now it's pretty uncertain whether the military will make good on its promise to hand over power to an elected president. and big news in the tech world this morning as microsoft has scheduled a major announcement later in los angeles. there's no official word on the subject, but the software giant is expected to unveil a new tablet computer to take on the am ipad. most reports say it will run windows 8. but one site says it will be a joint venture with barnes & noble and that it will be able to stream xbox, which i think would be significant for the kids. >> are your kids hooked on the xbox? >> what? you can stream xbox on a tablet? that may be big news for this generation. >> cell phone wars. tablet wars. here we go again. >> i want to see it.
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>> hopefully the competition will make the prices come down. that's what we'd all like to see. bring it on. bring on the heat, too. we'll take a look at weather now. stormy in the upper midwest with hail and gusty winds from minnesota to michigan. afternoon showers and thunderstorms from pensacola to new orleans and houston. we'll both be in new orleans later this week. yeah. showers in the pacific northwest and northern rockies. >> 70s in boise and billings. phoenix has 110. and albuquerque 97. 90s from dallas to chicago. 70s in the northeast. well, a tennis tournament in london didn't end nearly as peacefully as the u.s. open. >> that's because an argentine player had an all-out temper tantrum. this guy right here you see was disqualified. david nalbandian. i hope i said that right. from the queens club final. he got kicked out for kicking the plywood box around a line judge's chair. a piece of the barrier cut the judge's shin. oh. >> i'm shocked. nalbandian -- i hope i'm saying
2:42 am
that right -- was booted for unsportsmanlike conduct. he apologized and said sometimes you get so angry you just can't control that moment. you know, i don't buy that. >> that was tamer than serena cussing out the line judge a little while ago. take this ball and shove it down your -- you know. >> but he kicked something and then it cut the judge. >> yeah. don't cut the judge. >> you can't cut the judge. >> you can't cut nobody in tennis. well, actually so, coming up next, a look back 21 years ago, hard to believe it's been that long, at not one of our finer days to say the least in american history. >> the incident that made rodney king, who passed away over the weekend, infamous. you're watching "world news now."
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dead at the bottom of his swimming pool yesterday. a bizarre death. of course what he's most famous for, that beating by l.a. police cops back in 1991. all of it caught on tape. thrusting rodney and the issue of police brutality right into the national spotlight. >> and the incident, it just triggered that deadly riot that led to a national conversation on race. we go to the abc vault and look at "world news tonight" with peter jennings, that coverage of the incident. >> now the story that might never have surfaced if someone hadn't picked up his home video camera. we've all seen the pictures of los angeles police officers beating a man they had just pulled over. the city's police chief said today he will support criminal charges against some of the men. here's abc's gary sheppard. >> reporter: the three police officers facing felony criminal charges were among a group of 15 who stopped a 25-year-old black man last saturday night, then beat him, kicked him, and clubbed him unaware that an amateur photographer was recording the incident on
2:47 am
videotape. los angeles police chief daryl gates looked at the tape and said he thinks assault with a deadry weapon will be one of the charges. >> in our review we find that the officers struck him with batons between 53 and 56 times. one officer rendered six kicks and one officer one kick. >> reporter: civil rights organizations say the los angeles police department has a history of brutality and misconduct that goes back a quarter of a century including one incident that sparked the watts riots. so far this year there have been more than 125 complaints of police misconduct filed with watchdog organizations. >> we no longer want to have to wake up each morning not knowing what fear to expect next. today we are not sure that the police is there to protect us. >> reporter: but chief gates today called the lapd a model department and said he has no plans to resign. gary sheppard, abc news, los
2:48 am
angeles. >> of course there was the acquittal that sparked those riots, but he did win his civil case against the lapd, winning about $4 million there in damages. but really did have a troubled life. battled drugs and alcohol, served a 90-day jail stint back in 5e9 6 for hit-and-running involving his wife at the time. and then get, this on the 20th anniversary of the beating back in 2011 got pulled over and ticketed that day for what was a minor traffic violation. so -- >> troubled life. >> troubled life to say the least. maybe some peace now. we'll be right back after this, everybody. stay with us.
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the apple siri commercials make it seem so simple. you ask a question and get a response purred back at you. make a dinner reservation. directions. >> but one new york man is now suing, saying siri does not work as advertised. we asked abc's miles ekanati to put siri to the test.
2:50 am
>> reporter: celebrities sell siri as the girl who gets things done. >> find me a store that sells organic mushrooms. >> reporter: almost anything, it seems. >> because it's date night. >> reporter: the voice-activated digital assistant, launched last fall, was the biggest change to the latest version of apple's iphone. >> everybody i've talked to loves siri. >> reporter: consumers had high expectations for siri. but some now say she let them down. even apple's co-founder steve wozniak has said he was really disappointed. and now one new york man is going to court over it. an attorney working on frank fazio's class action lawsuit told abc news, "the crux of the lawsuit is mr. fazio's allegation that the siri feature simply does not work as advertised." we decided to see for ourselves. first actress zooey deschanel. >> let's get tomato soup delivered. >> i found a number of restaurants whose reviews mention tomato soup and that deliver. >> good. >> reporter: so what happened when we put her to the test?
2:51 am
>> let's get tomato soup delivered. >> i found 12 restaurants with reviews mention soup and that deliver. >> reporter: just like the commercial. a little slower. but while siri can answer the exact questions asked in the tv ads, others leave her stumped. >> which way to abc news atlanta? >> checking on that for you. i can't answer that. >> reporter: apple has always called siri a beta product, acknowledging that it is still being improved. >> we do think apple is going to continue to try to sell this smartphone with this feature they're going to have to make sure it works better than it actually does today. >> if you just bought it completely assuming that it was going to give you the world when you ask it to, then i think your expectations were a little unrealistic. >> reporter: bazi kanani. >> abc news, atlanta. >> well done, siri. you have feelings about it. >> it doesn't really work for me. grant when'd i was setting it up i was playing. you know, i play and i giggle
2:52 am
and i make jokes. and it's been a hot mess for me. called me monica. calls me all sorts of different things. i cannot get it to say sunny. it gives me the weather. >> me and monica will be right back with the mix. like you used to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair. hi, i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. now you can do more, see more, enjoy life more. here's why hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair. hoveround is more maneuverable to get you through the tightest doors and hallways. more reliable. hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your chair, and will service your chair for as long as you own your chair. and most importantly, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost. call now for your free dvd and information kit. and now every hoveround comes with this tote bag and cup holder for handy access to your favorite items. you don't really have to give up living because you don't have your legs. call now for your free consultation. and right now, get this limited edition hoveround america travel mug free with your hoveround delivery.
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will be, everybody, to "the mix." you like our new little digs? >> i love it. >> gets us away from the desk for a few minutes here. interesting stuff in today's "mix." and it comes from the huff post. there's a guy named cadabra. new york-based magician. and he has a new trick that he put on this new show called "oddities," which is based in a new york city store. anyway, his trick is sticking a three-foot-long balloon down his throat. check him out. this is real. three-foot balloon all the way down his throat. >> but what's the rest of the trick? >> he didn't die. that's the rest of the trick.
2:56 am
>> what happens after he swallows it? >> well, i assume then it's time to go. i don't know. >> he swallows it. >> it's done. this dude did it. >> and then it comes out. >> you know -- >> i'm not going there. >> there are so many nights i wish this show was on cable. and this is one of those moments. i've got a whole lot of jokes but no one on the upper floor would like them. >> won't go there. that was quite something. now, this next story, michigan lawmaker named lisa brown. she's a state congresswoman. on the floor. she's been banned from the floor because she said the word "va vinnia." she said va-jay-jay, va vinnia, va vinnia. >> what did she say? >> vagina-gina. so now she is going to perform the "va vinnia monologues" along with some actresses, actors-a'll well as other politicians. >> it's a biological tomorrow. >> in abortion debates the term's going to come up.
2:57 am
weird. this again from the huffington post. they clearly had a theme going on today. a woman in seoul, korea was eating semi-boiled squid when it injected its sperm bag into her tongue. doctors found the squid had left 12 small white spindle-shaped bug-like organisms in the mucous membranes of her tongue. why she was eating semi-raw squid i don't know. but it ejected its sperm bag into her mouth. but ironically, now she's dating the balloon guy. so it all worked out. >> i can't go there. >> okay, don't. >> last but not least, beer for dogs. for all of you dog lovers and beer lovers, you can combine the two. and there's a company, bowser beer. it's america's first beer for dogs. and you can buy it. >> beer for -- but it's not alcoholic. if you want to feel like you're drinking with your buddy. >> because alcohol's poison to dogs. but still i like it. >> would you drink some with your dog? >> sure would.
2:58 am
i think it's great. >> come on now.
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this morning on "world news now" -- the death of rodney king. of course, he will be remembered as the man at the center of that shocking 1991 videotaped beating. >> it was that event that led to the infamous l.a. riots and those historical words, "can we all get along?" it's monday june 18th. good morning, everybody. happy monday. i'm rob nelson. and look who's back in the co-pilot's seat. our dear friend, sunny hostin back just for today. a short little visit this time around. >> yes. but i'm always happy to be here with you. you know that. >> good to see you, darling. yes indeed. >> paula faris is on assignment.
3:01 am
so i'm going to be covering for her today. rodney king, everyone knows that name. the man whose beating was a signal of change at how we look at race in this country has died. more on that story in a moment. >> still shocking news because that name has been so synonymous with police brutality and those riots for 20 years. i think it was just earlier, a few weeks ago it was the 20-year mark of the riots. it's hard to believe that he's gone because what he left behind, the legacy, good and bad, really is pretty stunning. >> good and bad but it was quite a legacy. >> a troubled life but a long legacy. that's for sure. also this morning, extreme weather. the very latest on those raging wildfires in colorado. a brutal heat wave that is now headed right here to the east coast later this week. sunny, crank up your ac. >> it's going to be hot p i like it hot. >> so do i. then catching up with the kardashians. what happens when the queen of daytime sits down with the queen of reality television? and oprah apparently takes on kim. your favorite. >> my favorite media person and my favorite whatever kim does. >> she looks good. >> she looks great.
3:02 am
and apparently oprah hit her hard about the marriage and what was the real deal behind it. should be interesting. >> i want to see that, actually. >> yeah. check it out. see what k.k.'s talking about. also it's monday. insomniac theater. we'll take a look at the hit broadway show turned movie now, "rock of ages." it has plenty of star power, but did it hit a high note with all the moviegoers out there? i've heard very mixed reviews. and i don't know if i want to see that. and you know i love going to the movies. i'm not sure about that. wool see what amanda thinks. >> usually you're a fan of bad movies. i'm surprised you don't want to see that. but first up, new details in the death of rodney king. a neighbor said she heard someone "really crying," like really deep emotions and then a few minutes after that a splash. >> results of an autopsy are expected today or tomorrow, but foul play is not suspected. abc's chuck sivertsen has a look back at king's life. >> i just want to say -- >> reporter: rodney king died sunday morning.
3:03 am
his fiancee found him at the bottom of the swimming pool. >> she did try to save him. however, she is not a good swimmer. and chose to dial 911 and call the police department. >> reporter: officers began cpr and took king to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. no foul play is suspected. in 1991 king was just one of millions of los angeles residents when a dui traffic stop and beating by l.a. police officers catapulted him into the national spotlight. the vicious, brutal assault would have gone unnoticed except for a rolling camera. >> when i saw the tape, it was -- i was so happy that it was on tape, and then i was looking at it, it was like me being in another body. >> reporter: the four officers who were accused of unlawful beating were acquitted in a trial. the verdict opened floodgates of violence. the april 1992 l.a. riot was the worst one in u.s. history. 53 people died. more than 2,000 were injured. arsonists set some 7,000 fires,
3:04 am
causing $1 billion in damage. at the center of it all was king, who was still healing from the beating he suffered at the hands of police. king stepped forward to try to heal a city's fiery agony. >> the lawyers at the time gave me some long script to read off of, and i'm like, no, this is not what i would say. so i had to keep it simple. >> reporter: and then he uttered those words that have since been engrained in the national consciousness. >> can we all -- can we all get along? can we -- can we get along? >> reporter: words that resonate to this day. rodney king was 47. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. >> so young. 47. >> i know. and in the 20 years since "can we all get along" has become a punchline of sorts but it does ask a question that's pretty profound in its simplicity. we still have troubles in this country. this was not the last law enforcement brutality tape to go public. we still have these issues. and he asked a very profound question. interesting biographical note.
3:05 am
the lady in his life, i believe she was his fiancee, the one who found his body in the bottom of that pool, was a juror in the civil case that he filed against lapd. she's one of the jurors that awarded him money. >> awarded him the money. >> and they later got together and that's how they met, through the trial. interesting here. but he had a long and troubled life. >> i hope money wasn't a motive. >> you never know. but he had a troubled life. that's to say the least. but sadly, he forever put a spotlight on police brutality in the country sxep furthered that discussion. >> and the video. the fact it's videotaped. everything's videotaped now. but then that wasn't the case. >> no. that was new to see it in front of your face. no one condones the violence that followed the verdict but people still i think understand the rage when you see that video even 20 years later. well, crews battling that fire in colorado are now facing powerful winds and high temperatures. the high park fire burning near fort collins has now destroyed at least 181 homes. the most in state history.
3:06 am
and if that wasn't bad enough, authorities are now on the lookout for looters. one man was arrested driving through the fire zone with phony firefighter credentials and a stolen government license plate. >> hate to see people take advantage of tragedy. unbelievable. every tragedy people try to benefit from it. you love those people. >> yeah. high winds and record temperatures in the west aren't the only extreme weather conditions. >> abc's meteorologist ginger zee has a look at what the firefighters in colorado and the people on the east coast can expect the rest of this week. hey, ginger. >> sunny and rob, red flag warnings continue today. they go through tuesday for many folks. all of that red on the map just basically means the humidity is very low and the winds will be super high. some of the helicopters i've heard from reports had to be even grounded late sunday. what we're going to do is see the low pressure system move through and the winds stay kicked up through tuesday afternoon and evening. again, fire danger high. but the second threat that i need to tell you about would be
3:07 am
dangerous heat. you say, well, wait, summer sounds pretty good. well, how about days on end of 90s? that's exactly what's going to happen here. starting wednesday in the northeast, many folks including boston, new york, and washington, d.c. going to be the upper 90s if not 100. look at that. 100 degrees on thursday in washington, d.c. sunny and rob? >> thank you, ginger. buy deodorant. check. for the week. thanks again, ginger. here's your monday forecast, everybody. some scattered showers around buffalo, pittsburgh, and charleston, west virginia. also some afternoon thunderstorms from pensacola over to houston. severe weather for minneapolis, milwaukee, and detroit. some showers in the pacific northwest. >> 60s from seattle to portland. triple digits in phoenix and colorado springs. lots of 90s in the middle of the country. 70s in the northeast. >> enjoy the cool spell while we have it. ain't going to last all week. well, federal officials are now trying to play down fears following an alarming report about repeated lapses at a
3:08 am
government lab. the system designed to prevent the release of some of the most dangerous infectious agents have failed. abc's jim avila has details. >> reporter: dave landes and his family live in the shadows of the federal government centers for disease control. has for more than 20 years. and this is the first time it has cost him sleep. >> if something gets out of the lab, it has the potential to affect all of us. >> reporter: the cdc is surrounded by residential neighborhoods, and landes is worried because of reports the cdc's ultra secure biosafety labs aren't so secure. no one has been infected, but the "usa today" has uncovered what appear to be major violations of the safety protocol. internal e-mails show that air from a secure area leaked into a supposedly clean zone and workers are concerned. >> the cdc needs to look into whether those are all isolated incidents or whether it represents just the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: the level 3 labs are used to experiment with some of the world's most dangerous
3:09 am
infectious diseases and bioweapons. from the sars virus to anthrax, even monkey pox. abc's own dr. richard besser once ran lab security at the cdc and says what concerns him is that the labs don't report to an outside agency, they police themselves. >> i think if cdc had found this kind of a lab safety violation elsewhere they would have shut that lab down. >> reporter: the cdc in a statement told abc news, "this unique facility has multiple systems in place." in fact, scientists who work in the biosafety labs wear scrubs, then put on pressurized suits. before moving room to room, they must go through pressurized interlocks that keep the air from moving with them. neighbors like dave landes and the workers inside the cdc want to make sure all those precautions are actually working. >> my concern is is the ventilation what it should be? and if it's not, what are they going to do? >> reporter: but for now the cdc is not answering any questions about what it plans to do about
3:10 am
safety complaints from its own lab workers. jim avila, abc news, new york. well, this isn't exactly what the beach boys had in mind, but that didn't stop dozens of dogs from catching a wave in californ-i-a. >> they were hanging ten on all fours in san diego over the weekend. more than 50 dogs showcasing their skills out there. competitors at the annual surf dog competition were judged on confidence level, length of ride, and extra flair. >> in addition to the competition, they broke three guinness world records including most dogs on one board at one time. get this, 20, 2-0, twenty dogs. >> look at that dog. chilling. i get tossed around in a back yard pool, and these dogs are out there surfing. i feel completely inadequate. >> i mean, i have three dogs, as you know. and i just -- i don't know if my dogs would enjoy that. >> you don't think so? >> i mean, i have a bay retriever who loves the water. but surfing, i don't know.
3:11 am
>> we'll test them next time. >> coming up, highlights from game 3 of the nba finals that came down to the final minutes. also, we'll look at one young man that is fighting a battle while being inspired by lebron. >> absolutely. why lebron james's best moves may be off the court. you're watching "world news now." [ dog ] i am a pro baller. 11 years playing the outfield, and i got no plans to retire. [ female announcer ] aging may slow a dog down, but iams helps keep dogs playing year after year with our age-specific nutrition. and now, even for dogs 11 and older with new iams senior plus. it helps boost the immune response to that of an adult dog and helps fight signs of aging. [ dog ] i'll never be a bench-warmer. [ female announcer ] new iams senior plus. see the iams difference or your money back. [ dog ] i am an iams dog for life. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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3:15 am
game 3 of the nba finals went to the miami heat with the final score last night 91-85. another good one. close. everything went down to the last minutes of the fourth quarter. but it was not to be with the thunder missing a flurry of shots toward the end. lebron james was on his game, though. 29 points. 14 of which were rebounds. dwyane wade had 29 points for the night. and while the thunder's kevin durant had 25 points, he only got to the free-throw line four times. >> mm. well, miami now leads the best of 7 series 2-1, with game 4 right back here on abc tuesday
3:16 am
night. >> it's a good series. who are you rooting for? >> new york is not in it. >> ah, come on. oklahoma city. come on now. miami heat and oklahoma city. thunder in the end of the fourth quarter of game 3 with the heat winning by six. >> miami heat star lebron james, the one and only, is trying to win his first nba ring, of course. and nbc's chris connelly shows us why lebron is a hero to many. >> reporter: when he's not shooting hoops, 17-year-old tiago delia from peachtree, georgia likes to check out his bedroom wall, dedicated to lebron james. >> so right here this is my basketball poster. we had a project for art class. and we had to do our favorite athlete or favorite person, and i did of course lebron james. you guessed it. >> reporter: once a malnourished infant living on the streets of rio, tiago was adopted by an american family, who saw him work at his game. but at age 15 discomfort after
3:17 am
practice raised concerns. tests revealed the worst. >> he says, do i have cancer? and we had to tell him, yes, you do. >> you just kind of watched him deteriorating in front of you. and you just think that you would trade places with him. >> reporter: now cancer-free, tiago has always dreamed of meeting lebron james. his wish begins to come true in early april. at the american airlines arena in miami. where right next to lebron's locker is his own personalized uniform. >> how are you doing? >> introduce yourself to everybody. >> i'm thiago. >> with lebron, thiago is now part of the heat's half-court shooting contest. they move to the three-point line. >> i'll hit it from here. >> and thiago challenges lebron.
3:18 am
>> three, right? >> then it's time for these two new teammates to have a little fun. finally, lebron has an armful of goodies like a game-worn jersey for thiago to keep. >> my signature. >> thanks, man. >> of course, man. anytime, buddy. i appreciate it. >> he'll remember forever. >> i've got to sign my contract. >> his special wish. >> good to see some dreams coming true. nice. >> yes. coming up next, oprah and the reality stars. >> a revealing look at kim kardashian and her relationship troubles. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
well, now to oprah's one on one last night with a revealing look at reality star kim kardashian. many questions about what went wrong with that infamously brief
3:20 am
marriage. >> ah, and now questions about her new boyfriend, a flashy and often controversial rap superstar. you may know this guy. abc's john muller has a look. >> you're growing up. >> i'm totally growing up. >> it feels like there's a level of maturity that happened with that. >> completely. >> reporter: the reality show queen and the talk show queen getting real. kim kardashian opening up to oprah. it's been a tumultuous several months that have seen her take some glaring hits in the spotlight. >> you don't think i feel bad? >> reporter: none more controversial than her fairy tale wedding to nba basketball player kris humphries that ended just 72 days later. >> i feel like i've had an epiphany over the last year for what i've been through and i am that changed person just from my own experiences. a lot of my friends are the people that i love to just sit and talk to and spend my time with are wiser, a little bit older than me. >> reporter: one of those older people kardashian now leans on,
3:21 am
her newest love interest, musician kanye west. the cozy couple have been seen almost everywhere since april enjoying the good life, taking in lakers games and hot spots, even jetsetting to the cannes film festival. >> i love that i'm with someone that's a couple years older than me. i love that my friends are even sometimes 20, 30 years older than me. before i used to, you know -- all my boyfriends were younger. i always dated five years younger. my whole thing was completely different. >> reporter: oprah also spoke with kim's sisters khloe and kourtney and brother rob, too and they all stood up for mom kris jenner, the manager of the family's reality show empire. >> what do you say to people, and you've heard it, when people say your mother is pimping her children? >> she's our mom. >> we have to hire a manager. so regardless, someone is going to get that. no one will fight harder for you than your own mother. she knows us. she knows all of our moods. >> and she knows what 10% of it is too. >> i'm going to let you talk
3:22 am
because you love kim. >> i make no commentary on the woman's intellect, her personality, or her talent. i just think she physically is a stunningly beautiful woman and making that money. >> the intellect and the talent, though. follow the wings.
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
♪ well, now it's time for "insomniac theater" and our take on the big musical adaptation "rock of ages," which features a star-studded cast. in its opening weekend it came in third, though, with some underwhelming numbers. >> didn't do quite as well as they thought here. about 62% of viewers were women over the age of 25. so was this a rock movie concert for everyone? digital news associate amanda van allen lets us know if the
3:26 am
rockers were able to win over audienc audiences. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, guys. i didn't think it was for everyone. i think if you're into musicals and you like "grease" and you like things like, that like my favorite movie is "grease," for instance. >> i love "grease." >> i think you would like the movie. and i didn't actually see the broadway play, but some of the people that i talked to afterwards said that it was really close to the broadway play. >> they kept true to the script. that's good. >> they kept true to the script. and you you know, what do you expect? it's a musical. yes, it's going to be a little corny. yes, all 69 loose strings are going to tie up in a little bow at the end. but that's how it's supposed to be. >> how was tom? >> tom was amazing. he played a weird person the best that i've ever seen. >> that is a stretch. that is a stretch for tom. >> alec baldwin was amazing. >> he's great in everything. >> it was weird to see him rock out and be this great club manager. but he was really awesome. i thought he was awesome. sought cast was really good.
3:27 am
the acting was perfect. but you know, some of the storyline was a little bit corny. >> and this had a really all-star cast. russell brand, catherine zeta-jones, paul giamatti. let's have a listen to what some folks had to say. >> yeah. >> i really liked it. i really want to see it again. >> i thought it was such a great performance and the music was great and the movie was great. >> cheesy. >> the best part was alec baldwin and russell brand serenading each other. >> i thought it was a little weak but i thought tom cruise was awesome and the music definitely saved it. but i thought it was a little -- >> so a lot of people really liked it. but like she said it was a little bit corny. and it was. but i'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars. >> come on now. you know what? you're fired. ain't no 4 out of 5 for "rock of ages." >> i give "rock of ages" 4 out
3:28 am
of 5 stars because guess what? it was a musical. it stayed true to the script. and it
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- rodney king dead at the age of 47. >> the man whose beating was caught on tape and eventually led to the unforgettable and deadly race riots was found in a swimming pool. it's monday june 18th. good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. and you know this lovely lady to my left here. >> i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. and i'm so happy to be back. >> good to have you back. just for the day. but you know, you picked your favorite day, monday. >> exactly. well, the man whose beating was caught on tape over 20 years ago sparking deadly riots in los
3:31 am
angeles has died. more on the life of rodney king coming up. also, voters in greece have made their voices heard now. what it means for the world's economy as president obama and other heads of state meet in mexico today for the start of the big g-20. and then, rielle hunter speaks out. >> ooh. >> a sneak peek of the memoirs of john edwards' former mistress just days before abc news's interview with her is scheduled to air. >> big exclusive. chris cuomo coming up on friday night. be sure to tune in for that. you won't believe some of the things rielle says including where she was going to move to be close to john. >> i'm going to watch that one. >> juicy details. also this morning, the secret to everlasting love. tips on marriage from a couple who, get this, has been together for 75 years. >> that's love. >> that is another level of love. still drinking together. loving each other. that's a long time. can't imagine being in love for
3:32 am
75 years. those folks have been married 75 years. that gives us all hope. >> it does. >> you know what i mean? for love. so good for those guys. >> yes. but before all, that autopsy results are expected today or tomorrow for rodney king. but officials suspect that he accidentally drowned. >> supporters say king had a difficult time adjusting when he was suddenly thrust into the national spotlight more than 20 years ago. more than 20 years ago. abc's cecilia vega has more on king's death from los angeles. >> reporter: he was the bloody battered face at the center of the first viral video ever. the man who issued that famous plea in the middle of one of the worst riots in american history. >> can we -- can we all get along? >> reporter: in a southern california suburb, rodney king's lifeless body was found in his swimming pool by his fiancee. one of the jurors who awarded him nearly $4 million in a civil suit after his beating. >> at about 5:25 a.m. this morning she had heard him speaking to her. she got up to go outside to talk with him, at which time she found him in the bottom of the
3:33 am
pool. >> reporter: his death now being investigated as an accidental drowning. but king had a long struggle with drugs and alcohol. and according to news reports, his fiancee told friends he had been drinking all day saturday and smoked marijuana. april marked the 20th anniversary of the riots that followed the beating trial. looking back, king said he'd made a mistake running from the police that night. he said he didn't want to go to jail for drunk driving. >> when i saw the tape, it was -- i was so happy that it was on tape and that i was looking at it, it was like me being in another body. i felt like i was -- i died just watching it. >> reporter: that beating went on for 15 minutes, with four l.a. police officers pounding king with batons. kicking him, shooting him with stun guns. >> not guilty of the crime of assault by force -- >> reporter: and when they were acquitted by a jury with no blacks on it, mayhem on the streets of los angeles. a city on fire. king said he forgave the
3:34 am
officers. but decades later he was still haunted by nightmares and flashbacks. >> i'm constantly working on my -- on myself and knowing what my limits are and feeling comfortable with me. >> reporter: this intersection marked the violent epicenter of those riots. in all more than 50 people killed. $1 billion in damage. not too long ago in an interview rodney king was asked if he knew what he wanted to put on his headstone. he had an answer, he said. "can we all just get along? can we all just get along in peace?" cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> everyone remembers those words. >> really. they're haunting. can we get along? very simple but one of those things that does kind of stick in your head a little bit. but it takes you back to those dark days after the verdict. and watching that tape it's hard not to get angry again because it's still stunning there was an acquittal in that case. he was driving drunk that night. but the brutality. 15 minutes' worth of beating. >> i didn't know it was that long. >> that's a long time to get pummeled by a group of officers who have you surrounded and batons and guns and tasers. it's hard to watch. you don't understand why people
3:35 am
would burn down their neighborhood as a way of speak out about it but you do in a way vo v. to understand the rage. and later the o.j. simpson verdict the country was inflamed again. based in l.a. >> it really was a game changer in terms of relations. race relations. >> absolutely. >> relations with police officers. it really was something. and i think what was remarkable is it was actually on videotape. >> right. >> because back then 20 years ago -- >> there was no youtube. there was no facebook. >> you didn't have iphones and that sort of thing. so really this was momentous. >> watershed moment. so sleep well, rodney. troubled life for sure. in other news this morning overseas markets are higher right now after greek voters decided to stick with the austerity program. investors were worried, though, that greece might instead leave the eurozone, which would have sent shock waves throughout the global economy. even with sunday's vote, though, analysts say the financial crisis is far from over. well, the situation in greece and other european
3:36 am
economies is a top priority as world leaders meet today in mexico. and the violence in syria will be a main topic when president obama meets privately with russian president putin. abc's mary bruce has a preview from the meeting site in los cabos, mexico. >> reporter: the leaders of the world's largest economies may be gathered here in this mexican resort town, but all eyes are clearly on europe and the financial crisis that could drive all of them back into a recession. president obama will be looking for signals that europe can contain its financial mess and keep it from harming the u.s. economy. and his re-election chances along with it. the president sees the two-day international summit as a pivotal moment and will argue the progress made here is crucial to creating jobs at home. also looming over the summit is the escalating violence in syria. the president meets today with newly re-elected russian president putin. but their relationship is being tested. the president wants putin to help efforts to end syrian president assad's dictatorship. despite the heat here in mexico their meeting is expected to be
3:37 am
quite chilly. mary bruce, abc news, los cabos, mexico. and mitt romney spent father's day on the campaign trail, with three of his grandkids in tow. at an event earlier in ohio romney was nearly drowned out by protesters who shouted for him to go home. a group of romney's staffers moved a set of speakers into the middle of the group of protesters to try to drown them out in return. we are getting a sneak peek this morning into the tell-all book by john edwards's former mistress, rielle hunter. in an advance copy obtained by the associated press, hunter details how edwards calmly told her he would probably wind up in a country club-type prison in virginia. also, hunter said she and her daughter would move to be near him. the memoir also covers the lengths hunter went to to sneak in and out of edwards's hotel rooms. and don't forget, in an abc news exclusive, chris cuomo interviews rielle hunter as she breaks her silence about her relationship with john edwards. it comes on this friday, june
3:38 am
22nd, 10:00 to 11:00 eastern time on "20/20." should be a fascinating sit-down. >> that's a must-see for me. >> that is a must-see for a lot of folks. well, a standoff involving an off-duty new jersey police officer has ended peacefully. the gunman had been holed up with a reported 2,000 rounds of ammunition and multiple rifles in rural pennsylvania, where he has engaged in a firefight with police and shot the tires and video camera out of an armored s.w.a.t. vehicle. it's not really clear what triggered that standoff. that massive wildfire raging in northern colorado is now 45% contained. 1,600 firefighters are struggling to put it out after more than 180 homes burned to the ground. high winds grounded helicopters yesterday and forced another wave of evacuations. now authorities say looters had been sneaking in to the fire zone. regardless of tragedy, criminals find a way to take advantage. >> what are they going to find? everything's burning down. what are you going to loot? >> i don't understand it.
3:39 am
well, here's ymo another windy day in the southwest. showers from seattle to portland. hail and 80-mile-an-hour winds from the twin cities to detroit. a chance of showers and thunderstorms from buffalo to charleston, west virginia. and along the gulf coast. >> upper 80s and 90s from the south into the midwest. 70s in the northeast. 110, ooh, in phoenix. and 60s in the pacific northwest. well, playing catch comes naturally for most dogs, but here's a competition that those instincts -- take those instincts to a whole new level. >> oh, yeah. dozens of dogs from six countries in fact turned out yesterday for the european frisbee dog championships in budapest. pets and owners showed off their well-honed skills in several categories including toss and fetch and freestyle, all done to music. >> and experts say the sport is quickly gaining popularity because dog owners only need a plastic frisbee and a small patch of grass to train.
3:40 am
but i've got to tell you, that must take a lot of time. >> to train those dogs like that? >> yes. >> you have three dogs. do you ever go out there and throw the frisbee or whatever? >> it's all i can do for my dogs to pee and poop in a particular area. i can't frisbee. i just think they need to go in a particular area. >> just papa squat and mama's leaving. you keep it real simple with the dogs. all right. the dogs aren't high achievers. in the hostin household. >> not in the hostin household. coming up, secret mission. that mysterious u.s. air force test vehicle that's returned to earth. >> and after more than a year in space, what were they looking for or looking at? you're watching "world news now." [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ♪ this olympian's mom has been doing it for years.
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she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. let the spills begin. p&g. proud sponsor of the olympic games.
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♪ i'm a rocket man ♪ rocket man ♪ good song choice, guys. after more than a year in space a mysterious american space vehicle has now returned to earth and landed over the weekend out in california. >> but now that it's landed there are many questions, like what was it doing up there? abc's clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: it came in hot against a cool california dawn, ending a 15-month secret sortie into space. the x-37b is a fully automatic space plane that lands itself. it was once a nasa design to replace space shuttles, then part of a secretive pentagon research agency. >> lift-off of the united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket. >> reporter: the air force launched this one 15 months ago. it's officially a billion-dollar program testing reusable unmanned space ships. but it also hauls highly classified cargo. there's even speculation the spaceship may be aiming
3:45 am
sensitive cameras and sensors toward earth, paving the way for a new generation of robot spies. >> it could be a space bomber. it could be a space fighter. it could be for engineering tests. >> reporter: there are plenty of theories. >> i think the ultimate purpose of this plane is to confuse the chinese, to cause them to waste money responding to things that it might be to keep them guessing. >> there are any number of things you can do with a vehicle like that. >> reporter: whatever it does the air force may launch another x-37 this fall and that mission will also likely be a secret. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> wow. >> who knew? >> you learn something every time. very interesting. i didn't know exactly -- you know, the nature of the mission while it was up there. good to get a few little answers there, tidbits, what they're looking at in space. >> but you know, we need to do the work, right? in space. it's the final frontier. >> yes. indeed. when we come back, some sad health news for jack osborne.
3:46 am
a real shocker there. >> and is octomom getting sued? that would be very sad. we'll have the revealing details coming up next in the "skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny welcome back, everybody. hate to start off "the skinny" on a monday morning with sad news, but we do have something to report. ozzy osbourne's son here, jack osborne, reported some pretty sad medical news to "people" magazine. apparently at age 26 he has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he told this to "people" magazine exclusively here. and basically, if you don't know what it is, it's a pretty tough ailment to have. it attacks the central nervous system, the brain, the spinal cord. it can cause problems with the muscle control-w your vision, your balance, your feeling, your thinking. it's an uphill battle. number one, he's very young but on top of that what makes it even worse is it's just two weeks after he and his fiancee had -- brought their daughter into the world, pearl clementine
3:49 am
osbourne. he said to "people" magazine, "i'm angry and frustrated and kept thinking why now? i've got a family and that is supposed tok the most important thing." but obviously with a diagnosis like m.s. his help has to be number one right now. just two weeks after his little daughter's bofrn and now something like this. we just want to send thoughts and prayers to that family. the osbournes are a strange clan but they're strong. >> strong and close. >> best of luck. octomom apparently is supposed to shake her lady bits at a florida strip club next month. >> lady what? >> july 11th to the 14th at tease lounge in west palm beach, florida. but now she doesn't want to shake her bits because she's saying one of the strip clubs employees shed her on television calling her a little crazy. so she says i'm sorry, i don't want to do that now. her rep said nadya will not be appearing at this club in july or in the future. and now the club is saying oh, really? then we will hit you with a very nasty lawsuit which you cannot afford. so i don't know. i suspect she may be shaking her
3:50 am
lady bits. >> i love your term lady bits. here's my more fundamental question about the issue. who wants to see her buck naked? that's my question. >> i think people want to see her shake her lady bits. >> who? >> there are people out there. there are people out there. >> i don't understand at all. i'm going to steal a joke, though, from my boy jimmy kimmel. he had me laughing this week. after her backing out of the deal. 14 kids later, now she wants to pull out? ba-bump-bum. >> i thought that was funny. i love kimmel. i thought that was a good joke. ashton kutcher, also talking a little bit about a.k. he apparently is doing a new movie playing steve jobs. it's called "jobs: get inspired." so we found a picture of steve jobs apple founder and ashton. this wasn't from the set or anything but this was him out and about during the filming. and you can see a little bit how -- >> they sort of look like. shockley. >> shocking. you wouldn't think it at first. but the haircut a little bit, the beard especially. >> the structure of the face. >> a little bit. it's coming together a little bit. so we'll see.
3:51 am
obviously, he's still doing "two and a half men" these days, making a ton of money. who knows how long that train will last? but we will see. maybe he'll able to pull off a young steve jobs. we'll keep an eye on that. >> yeah, definitely. >> yeah, go ahead, ashton. >> last but not least, david guetta, sort of that french euro pop music dance music producer, he has this track with sia, "titanium." you're listening it to it right now. it's very, very popular. it has charted on the billboard dance club list for 28 weeks. coming up against it -- coming up against "thriller," which chart ford 36 weeks in 1983. so right now this "titanium" is the longest-charting dance song in nearly three decades, and it may beat "thriller." >> that song we're listening to right now is going to top m.j.'s "thriller"? >> it's possible. >> within eight weeks of capturing that man's -- i never would have guessed that. who doesn't love the "thriller" video you? can't beat -- you feel it?
3:52 am
come on. slide. >> i don't think it's going to beat "thriller." >> couldn't even beat us. please. follow the wings.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ open your eyes ♪ dare to be alive ♪ here i stand with my everlasting love ♪ i love that song. >> that's a good song. it gets you moving. >> and this is our -- favorite story of the day. >> you didn't forget. you're never rusty, girl. you're never rusty. >> well, with the divorce rate increasing every year, long-lasting marriages are getting to be more and more of a rarity. >> sad but true. but we do have an amazing story of a couple that has been together for 75 years. lauren seabrook of our wichita, kansas affiliate k.a.k.e. lets us in on their marriage secret. >> reporter: two people clink glasses and pucker up to celebrate dozens of toasts and thousands of kisses over the past 75 years.
3:56 am
>> when they say that a man and wife become one, that's about right. they become one flesh. >> reporter: in 1937 pennsylvania became the very first state to celebrate flag day. amelia earhart disappeared during her attempt at a round-the-world flight. and frank and nita weiss tied the knot. >> she said what should we do today? i said i don't know, what do you want to do? she said let's get married. and i said, well, okay. >> reporter: 3/4 of a century later frank still gives nita butterflies. >> when i walk in the front door out here, she's all excited and throws her arms up. most of the time you're actually more in love when you get older than you are when you're young. >> reporter: nita now lives at an assisted living center, but that doesn't keep frank away. >> i come out to see her every day. i've been doing that for 4 1/2 years. and i'll continue to keep doing it because it's just the way it is. >> reporter: but even these two lovebirds disagree from time to time. >> you getting mad at me?
3:57 am
>> yes. >> why? what did i say? did i say something you didn't like? >> reporter: she may not like what he says to her, but she loves what he does for her. after 75 years of sitting side by side, they plan to celebrate their commitment for the rest of time. >> just love them and forgive them and forget about things that happened and just hang together. take care of each other. >> aw. >> that's right. >> lauren seabrook reported. that touches your heart. that gives you some faith in marriages can last -- that love can last. you know what i mean? 75 years. >> i don't know what you have to do, though, to make it last. >> i think eventually the love may fizzle -- not the love but that uh may fizzle but it's the friendship will last. go to facebook, let us know what you think the key to a long-lasting marriage is. and me and my wife sunny will be right back after this break.
3:58 am
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